SSL: Partizan v Indjija preview

SSL: Partizan v Indjija preview


Partizan is home to Indjija on Sunday (4.30pm CET) as part of Linglong Tire Serbian Super Leagu4 round 16 fixtures.

Head-to-Head (last four):

Partizan 4, Indjija 0, Drawn 0, Gd: 9-2, Partizan.


Lazar Markovic remains sidelined.

Partizan boss Savo Milosevic on upcoming game:

-We had tough journey back from Manchester, spending all night at the airport. This was the second time we didn`t get permission from Belgrade airport authorities to land at proper hour. Therefore, we are up for another torture tomorrow, physical one above all. I`m not sure how much we will be able to recover our team but we will have to find new strengths. Indjija is persistent side and we will need to approach this game fully focused if we want to achieve positive result.



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