A chat with Nemanja Miletic

A chat with Nemanja Miletic


29-year-old full-back Nemanja Miletic won two cup trophies  and received national team call-up during his two-year spell with Partizan. His desire is to win national championship with the club:

-We had success, but it can always get better. I`d like to win the title with Partizan. We won cups and played European competitions but I feel we could have done more at some point, says Miletic.

Partizan is trailing 11 points behind league leaders.

-I said many times, since Milosevic`s arrival we play each and every game with hundred percent and that`s how we behave overall. But, sometimes you have games where you have 30 shots and concede a goal on a counter-attack. Just look at Real Madrid and Barcelona, they lost 15 points each, things happen. But, it turns out losing points here is not normal, you must win it all. If you don`t do it, the whole world around you collapses and support ends.

Partizan won all teams aiming for the top three this season.

-Since you ask…Boss Milosevic wants us to play domestic championship as if these teams are not around, unless we meet them in a direct clash. Our aim is to show quality, that`s how it is from the day one.  At the beginning, I used to find it hard when we would stumble upon injustice but we won last two Eternal derbies and you learn to play and mind your  own business only.

Miletic is one of the few players who is allowed to depart if suitable offer comes in.

-Before winter break I was told I can leave if I receive suitable offer but I`m here and I`m waiting to see what is going to happen in the near future.

Offers were there though…

-Lots of people call every day but I don`t want to go anywhere just for the sake of it as I`m really happy here. It`s just that I need a good offer to secure my finances. I feel like I`m 24 or 25 year old, I plan to play for 10 more years. I agree I`m at the best football age, but just look at Ostojic or Stojkovic..I heard 90% of full-back here in Turkey are older than 33. I`m not rushing things, my head is with Partizan and there`s no pressure on me to depart at any cost, to the contrary.

Due to his battling spirit, Miletic is fan`s favourite.

-Of course, it feels good. I get thousands of messages of support, from the people I know and those I don`t. I try to pay them back on the pitch giving my best. You cannot always play good, I had my share of mistakes and poor performances. I was below required level against AZ Alkmaar at home, should have stopped their counter-attack that lead to a goal for the cost of the sending-off really. Also, against Man United at home, I was convinced I was going to get to the ball when I tackled MU player for a penalty decision.


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