Savo Milosevic after Premier Cup tournament

Savo Milosevic after Premier Cup tournament

Partizan boss Savo Milosevic spoke to Partizan website on a final day of Doha winter camp and club`s participation in Parimatch Premier Cup tournament.

How satisfied are you with winter preps overall?

-We are quite pleased with everything we`ve done, especially in physical department – a paramount bit of preps. The other important thing was to avoid injuries and apart from slight injury problem for Lutovac we tick that box too. Friendlies were not priority result-wise although we are quite satisfied in that department too. We had many ups and downs considering we played different line-ups but all those friendlies were there to help our physical preps and served us to try and fix some tactical bits and pieces. Our performances were also fine in all those six friendlies we played over the winter preps. Moreover, players have to be praised for their determination and desire all the way through.

Partizan looked quite good yesterday against Spartak Moscow, expecially in the first half and before Natkho being sent-off.

-We could have won it but I don`t really find it important. We had similar situation in Turkey and I`ll say it again – if you have professionals on the pitch, everyone should be professional, including refs, otherwise you have a problem. We had amateurs on the pitch yesterday and things happen. We didn`t get respect from them. We were in Turkey and Doha this winter and respected everyone – organizers, opponents, referees etc. – as that`s our duty if we want to represent this club and we expect to be treated the same.

Winter transfer window is over and Partizan signed centre-back Uros Vitas just before the deadline.

-As was the case with newcomer Matic, we wanted to sign Vitas last summer. They are both type of the players who we feel suit Partizan style of play. Therefore, I have to say I`m quite pleased we signed both of them and kept all key players in the squad. Matic has already been praised after a couple of appearances and I`m sure Vitas will be up there too. As I said before, we will only sign players who can add the quality to this squad and those who will not violate what we built on so far.

Guess that`s answer to those who believe Partizan needed more signings?

-I might sound cruel now, but I`m absolutely not interested in comments coming from the web. All comments, positive or negative, are not relevant to me. Most of these people don`t know much about football game and they don`t know what going on behind the scene at all. That would be the same if I commented what`s going on in certain company. Even if I read a lot about it, I still wouldn`t be able to get the real insight.

Right-back Luka Cucin joined winter preps back from loan but he returned to Belgrade the other day. What`s his status?

-We agreed new loan for Cucin previously but he travelled to Doha as we had an injury problem with Lutovac. It was hard for him to force his way into the squad over these ten days. Actually, it`s hard for everyone to get used to pace we insist on. Cucin has a quality and potential to play for Partizan, he`s been told that. It`s better for him to have another loan period, to play regularly. Then, we will see what happens next summer. I`d like to thank him for joining us, for his involvement and true professional approach all the way.

Season restarts next weekend.

-Talking to the boys over the past few days, I see they cannot wait for season to restart, We all believe we can do better although we were praised for some of our performances, especially in Europa League. What matters is to me is that players believe they can do much better and that`s our objective for the rest of the season.

Although it`s too early to talk about it, Eternal derby game is scheduled to be played in less than a month. Your good friend, Dejan Stankovic, will be on the bitter rival`s dugout.

-Yep, it`s too early to talk about it but I understand everyone wants to hear more about it even now due to our friendship. I really respect Stankovic and I love him the kind of person he is. I spoke to him on several occasions since he took over and everything`s the same. We are friends and that`s how it`s going to be.

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