Birthday interview with Bojan Ostojic

Birthday interview with Bojan Ostojic

Partizan centre-back Bojan Ostojic turns 36 today and we spoke to our seasoned veteran who awaits season`s restart in great shape:

We`d like to wish you a happy 36th birthday!

-Thanks, I never felt so good and in such form. It looks like my clock is going backwards (laughs). If I keep going like this and remain injury-free I might reach Sasa Ilic`s playing age (laughs).

Your birthday wishes?

-Just good health! It`s kind of cliché but that`s how it is with us football players. When you are fit and healthy you can prove yourself, move forward and battle for your place under the sun. When injuries hit, it`s all about pain and distress.

Your wife Marija and daughter Viktorija were first to wish you happy birthday.

-We missed each other so much. I was away from home for almost a month and even though you can use skype and phone camera it`s not the same as when you are able to hug your family and spend your time with them.

What was your daughter`s reaction when you finally came home?

-I told her before my arrival “Viktorija, daddy`s coming home tomorrow and he`ll be there when you wake up”. At first, she looked at me a bit shy, hiding behind mum, but soon after she was on top of my head (laughs).

Did you get her any presents?

-Whatever I bring from my travels, Kinder egg is number one for her!

Back to football matters – Partizan restarts the season on Sunday, home to Radnik Surdulica.

-To be honest, I can`t remember the last time I was so eager to restart the season. I think we did good job in Turkey and Qatar. We have lots of work to do until the end of the season but I believe we`ll play much better compared to the first part of the championship.

Uros Vitas in newcomer on centre-back position.

-I remember him when he played for Rad. Vitas is a good player and excellent lad. He didn`t have playing continuity but I`m sure he`ll do his best to help us until the end of the season, both in championship and national cup. And, we are here to help him too.

Coaching staff says you are the boss on the pitch, helping young players in particular.

-Our priority is to look good as a team and to enforce everything boss wants from us. You learn things and gain playing experience with time. We are all here to help and learn from each other.

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