Scekic, Matic and Markovic after Vozdovac win

Scekic, Matic and Markovic after Vozdovac win


Partizan won Vozdovac 2-1 away with second half goals from Scekic and Matic. We spoke to Scekic, Matic and Markovic after the game.

Aleksandar Scekic:

– I think we should have scored the opener earlier as we had couple of opportunities. This was very important game for us but we deserved to win. I scored a goal but we are all pleased with this win above all.

You have one assist and one goal from the last two outings. How pleased you are with it?

– I do my best in each and every training session and when you work hard you get rewarded. Sooner or later, it all comes back to you. Same can be said for our performances, we are getting better with each new game.

Partizan won Vozdovac short of number of key players – Natcho, Soumah, Sadiq…

– We proved we can do the job without them on the pitch. Sometimes, non-regulars have more desire to win and new ways to prove themselves. They all showed boss Milosevic can count on them in the future.

You played Vozdovac away on artificial turf.

– Last season we also played on their artificial turf and the surface was quite poor. Now, they changed it and it`s different and better to play on but I don`t like to play on it generally.

Partizan scored two quick goals after the hour mark but Vozdovac reduced the deficit soon after.

– I was late to make a proper block and I didn`t expect such a drive from that part of the pitch. Stojcev scored a true screamer. What matters is that we won and have no fresh injuries. Now we have to wait and see if games are going to be cancelled. I`d like to call on everyone to comply all the imposed measures against Corona virus so that we can all go back to our private and professional activities.


Bojan Matic:

– I`m glad I scored again. I simply have no burden regarding scoring, I just love to win and score goals.

You are picking up your goalscoring form gradually.

– I always have hunger and desire for goals but I`m happy to assist too.


You scored after assist from youngster Stevanovic.

– They are all great guys and players. I said before Lazar Pavlovic and Filip Stevanovic have great careers ahead of them, they just need to keep working hard and to behave as they do.

You could have scored a brace yesterday.

– Unfortunately, I didn`t. Ball had more pace and I couldn`t get a proper touch.

Championship looks likely to cancelled.

– It would be sad for that to happen as we are picking up form.

It`s all about health and safety of all of us.

– Take care, look after the others, mind your hygiene, listen to all guidance and I hope we`ll all be back to our daily activities soon!


Lazar Markovic:

– We knew it as going to be tough even though Vozdovac is on a streak of poor results. That can prove a trap as teams go through shock therapy once they change their coach and playing against Partizan always motivates as well. We fought well to open the scoring.

There was no attendance due to Corona virus scare. Everyone noticed your Partizan scarf-mask prior to the game.

– Since it all started, we took a number of measures at Partizan sports centre, one was isolation prior to the Vozdovac game. It was important match for us and we wanted to isolate and focus on the game solely. As for the scarf-mask, I wanted to raise awareness of our fans more, the importance of prevention and care for others. These scarf-masks serve us as a first precaution, when we cough or sneeze or simply not to allow cold air. I`m glad fans liked it as it`s part of our equipment now.

We`ll know about league being cancelled or not soon. Are you in touch with your former teammates from Europe?

– I am, everyone awaits what`s going to happen next and when everyone in Europe will be able to get back to normal lives and duties. It`s not a joke and we all have to adjust to current situation.

You were engaged in a build-up that lead to Partizan opener against Vozdovac. It seems your form is on the rise.

– I don`t like to make estimates but one thing is for sure – I love football and Partizan and I always try to be up to my best in accordance to my current abilities. I`m sure I`ll help this team even more in the future.



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