Vladimir Stojkovic: Training with my kids!

Vladimir Stojkovic: Training with my kids!

Keeper Vladimir Stojkovic spoke to Partizan website from home isolation.

How do you spend your time with your kids these days at home?

– We are home most of the time, we only go out for 15 to 20 minutes. We play constantly, our home has become kind of a kindergarten so everything is about kids these days, no time for anything else. Personally, I do a bit of training programme set by our coaches.

As your wife Valentina actually owns a kindergarten, did you bring some stuff over to your home?

– We try to improvise the kindergarten actually playing with cubes, reading stories, colouring, playing kids quizzes…They are full of energy and as we cannot go out we do everything they want to do, even riding your dad (laughs), football, me as a merry-go-round…It`s always something.

While other players run around, keepers do their dives in front of a goal. Do you miss it during the lockout?

– I dive around after my kids (laughs). They are constantly climbing onto the sofa, around kitchen and our home bar so I miss nothing (laughs).

You joined home push-ups challenge. What other practice you do?

– Injury-prevention ones, and strength practice. Now, I have to improvise until we go out again. I don`t have enough equipment but you can do a lot with your own weight and with the help of home bits and pieces.

How much do you miss actual training session while in self-isolation?

– I remember 1999, when Serbia was bombed, sirens and air-raid shelters…never to happen again. Or, back in 1991 or 1992, when war broke out in Bosnia. I do miss football as this is specific situation where we are at home all the time and it`s going to be longer than season`s winter break. But, it`s all about health and safety and we all need to comply to decision made by government officials. Football is going to be around when all this is over.

We know you love reading psychology books. Do you have any time for it?

– I plan to read more but that`s quite hard when kids run over as soon as I self-isolate, being it a bedroom, sofa or kitchen – they come in no time. But, I certainly recommend reading books to everyone who can do it now.

Did you know you are part of football history books as keeper who didn`t concede a goal in total of 7 Eternal derby games?

– That`s a figure to be proud of but I think we need to move attention from football game now, it`s all about health now. People need to save themselves from this pandemic and we`ll talk about football afterwards.

Partizan players, coaches and management donated part of this month`s wages to the Government of Serbia.

– I`m glad all players agreed to this suggestion to help our country and our people in hospitals now. I call on all people to help in a way they can – financially or helping our elders get food and necessities. But, most importantly, we need to keep to the rules, to be in quarantine and walk around as less as possible, just getting the necessities for everyday life. We have to hold on. If we comply to all the rules, all this will end sooner.

Your brother Vladan is in Luxembourg now?

– It`s not great there too and he needs to be careful there. They also work from home, reduced hours. It`s not great, but we all hope it`s going to go away soon.

FC Nice President suggested this season the be finished by October or November for a new season to start in February next year.

– Let`s get this done and dusted, then we can talk about football ideas with pleasure.

While in self-isolation, do you have a favourite meal prepared to you by your wife Valentina?

– I don`t have a favourite and my advice is not to go to shopping all the time, just get the important stuff that can last for two, three or five days. We need to be away from streets and markets as much as possible. I know it`s risky when you are on a lockdown for a long time but we have to think about ourselves and others, to reduce the risk of getting infected. We just need to be rational these days.

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