Savo Milosevic press-conference

Savo Milosevic press-conference


Partizan boss Savo Milosevic addressed journalists at the final press-conference of the season, starting with review of recent cup final:

-In short, we didn`t play well. This was one of the rare big and important games we failed to produce in. I won`t go into the details as it would sound like I want to make excuses. At the end of the day, it`s all my fault. I think first half was the key, we slept it over. Although we looked more dangerous on the day, Vojvodina deserved to win and I congratulated their coach Lalatovic and his charges after the game. Now, I `d like to congratulate everyone in Vojvodina on cup trophy won.

Obviously, I didn`t prepare my team psychologically. I was wrong to think players will be even more motivated after a league defeat away to Vojvodina and all the anger that came out of it. I actually thought to calm them down but it`s clear I didn`t do enough, more energy was needed from myself.

At some point, I believed we were going to score in first extra-time period but I wanted my team to be cautious as we had a team and system on the field we are not used to. I don`t like to change system – it takes time and many changes around. We had to play 4-4-2 with Lazar Pavlovic on the right, 32-year-old Natcho to play full 120 minutes…That was not well-balanced team and you couldn`t expect us to dominate as such, especially during extra-time. We wasted a lot of energy trying to equalize and take the game into the extra-time. Moreover, Scekic had fever prior to the game and Strahinja Pavlovic didn`t feel well too, not to mention injury problems Markovic or Soumah had. Obviously, two games before the cup final proved costly energy-wise. Finally, we conceded two goals from our mistakes, not as a result of system failure.

I will fully understand if I don`t have support from fans although we had full support from the all the way. But, if fans don`t want me anymore, I`ll understand it. I`m indebted to them. Now, I can promise we will battle for the title from the go next season but there`s no way we will change our system.

Result-wise, we are not pleased, none of us here in the club, including our fans. We failed to win trophies and it`s my fault to start with. We did some good things although we had many difficulties along the way but I`m first to engage in self-criticism.

In reality, our current status is better than back in March last year when I arrived here. This team is formed by me and I had full support from everyone in the club. I think we created a solid foundation for the next season. Now, we can expect better things compared to last year and transfer window we had.

I have energy and desire to move forward as I have a team base now and I can promise certain things as a result. Of course, there`ll enormous pressure from management, fans and media as a result of trophyless season. But, I`ll always work in best Partizan interest and I`m sure we can do better.



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