During time off, we spoke to winger/forward Filip Holender on his  recent fab assist, upcoming friendly against Fenerbahce, new playing system, team banter and more.


Everyone is talking about your assist to Andrade`s goal in a recent friendly against Spartak Trnava. Some say you got a crossing tip from your teammates?

“It`s true, we practiced it a bit during training sessions, more like a banter. But, I don`t compare my crossing ability with anyone, it just happened. I assisted, Patrick scored, we won that friendly – that`s all that matters”, said 27-year-old Hungary international.

But, we need to know who had the most influence on you during that training session crossing bit, who was the loudest around?

“Honestly, Sanicanin tries to be the loudest one but I practiced with Jojic before so it`s between them two”.

You assisted to newcomer Andrade and you are roommate with another new signing Filipovic.

“Filipovic is a really good lad and we get on very well from the day one. More importantly for us, he`s a good player. Andrade fitted into the team nicely straight away”.

You used to spend a lot of time with two of the departed players, Ostojic and Miletic.

“They are fantastic lads and same goes for all players who departed during summer. I was roommate with Ostojic who helped me adapt when I arrived to the club. He knows how grateful I am for everything he`s done for me. I hear from him and Miletic, I just exchanged texts with Miletic and I wish him all the luck with his new team. But, all the departing players left a great impression on me and I`m sad they are not around. But, we have to move on, that`s football game as it is”.

This is new Partizan with new demands. How are you getting on?

“It is a new playing system and we are in a process of getting used to all new demands, that`s what pre-season is for”.

We have a friendly against Fenerbahce next, a possible UEFA Europa League round 3 opponent.

“Fenerbahce is fantastic team and it`s a specific friendly due to a possible meet-up in Europe. We`ll try to do our best on Saturday and we`ll see where we stand at the moment”.

What matters is opening of the season and SSL round one match-up away to Javor.

“New massive domestic battles coming up and we need to build our teamwork. Friendlies are important but it`s Javor away we need to get ready for”.

Ljubomir Fejsa is back after a lengthy absence.

“We all know what he achieved in his career. I hope he`ll blend in and help us winning”.

Your Hungary trashed England recently. Do you expect a call-up at some point?

“Anyone who deserves it can hope for a call-up. Fantastic result against England, I never expected it. I`m thrilled with it as I know how much work and patience is involved in the whole process around the national team”, said Filip Holender.

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