Match protocol

Conference League group stage, round 2 

Belgrade, September 30 

Venue: Partizan Stadium 

Att: 5845 

Kick-off time: 6.45pm CET 

Referee: Julian Weinberger (AUT) 

Yellow cards: Pantic (PAR) 

GOALS: 1-0 `20 Markovic, 2-0 `42 Markovic 



Popovic, Zivkovic, Miletic, Vujacic, Obradovic, ZdjelarJojic (`82 Scekic), Natcho (`62 Pantic), Markovic (`82 Holender), Menig (`62 Jovic), Ricardo (`89 Terzic) 


Igonen, Lilander (`HT Kallaste), Seppik (`75 Purg), Kuusk, Lukka, Vassiljev, Soomets, Poom (`89 Shein), Zenjov, Ojamaa (`69 Kuraksin), Alliku (`69 Miller) 


`2: Vujacic sends the ball forward for Menig, Flora wins a throw 

`6: Rare midfield poor pass from Zdjelar, Flora players failed to seize on it and threaten Partizan from a counter 

`7: Edge of the box drive just wide from Vassiljev 

`9: Alliku tries to lob Popovic, fine reaction from Partizan keeper 

`10: Menig tries to dribble his way through with no success 

`13: Jojic puts too much power on his pass for Ricardo 

`15: Quick-thinking shot from Jojic over the bar 

`20: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Ricardo battles to win shooting position inside box, his shot got saved by the keeper, Markovic heads the ball in from close range on the rebound 

`24: Cross from jojic, header from Ricardo over the bar 

`25: Sharp inviting cross from Markovic, clearance from Flora player just wide of the left post 

`30: Natcho lays it out for Menig followed by a shot wide 

`34: Cross from Vassiljev blocked by Obradovic, Flora wins corner-kick 

`42: 2-0, PARTIZAN!! Markovic breaks into the box and sends a ball into the net with his low left-footed drive, with a bit of deflection involved 

`44: Attractive shooting attempt from Menig 

`45: Two mins added time 

`45+1: Ricardo shoots just wide 


`45+2: Half-time whistle 


`46: Kallaste in for Lilander 

`48: Not the best of crosses from Menig 

`53: Great opportunity for Markovic to score a hat-trick but the ball goes wide 

`59: Measured shot from Vassiljev, fine save from Popovic 

`60: Great right flank break from Zivkovic followed by a poor cross 

`61: Shot from Zivkovic saved by Igonen 

`62: Jovic and Pantic in for Menig and Natcho 

`66: Free-kick shot from Vassiljev, save from Popovic 

`68: Kuraksin in for Ojamaa 

`68: Miller in for Alliku 

`69: Seppik in need of a treatment 

`72: It doesn`t look good for Seppik, ambulance vehicle is on the pitch 

`73: Purg in for Seppik who needs immediate hospital treatment 

`76: Pantic (tripping) booked 

`80: Igonen bats Jovic to the loose ball 

`82: One of many great right flank runs from Zivkovic, Partizan wins corner-kick 

`82: Holender in for Markovic 

`83: Scekic in for Jojic 

`87: Ricardo leaves if for Holender who fails to get a touch 

`89: Terzic in for Ricardo 

`89: Shein in for Poom 

`90: Eight mins added time 

`90+5: Flora tries to threat but with no success 


`90+8: Final whistle 

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game: 

-I`m glad we keep playing well in Europe. Praise to the boys as this was quite demanding game due to a tough playing conditions caused by rainfalls during the day. I hope Flora player who was taken to hospital is alright. 

Fans chanting my name means a lot to me. They were behind us today, they knew when to give us more support and carried us forward. 

We all did Covid test prior to the game and Sanicanin proved positive. He feels great but he was unable to play due to a positive test. 

A very important win for us, We want to go as far as possible in this competition. It`s great Markovic scored a brace but what really matters is good performances and wins.