Match protocol

UEFA Europa Conference League group stage, round 6

Belgrade, December 9

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 6.45pm CET

Referee: Giorgi Kruashvilli (GEO)

Yellow cards: Scekic, Popovic, Vujacic (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `20 Milovanovic, 1-1 `33 Christodoupoulos (p)



Popovic, Miljkovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Urosevic (`89 MIletic), Zdjelar, Jojic (`89 Zivkovic), Pavlovic (`HT Scekic), Jovic (`62 Lutovac), Menig (`62 Holender), Milovanovic


Tzur, Hambarsdzumyan, Arajuuri, Antoniadis (`78 Korrea), Correla, Ioannou (`HT Popovic), Artymatas, Husbauer, Deletic (`71 Christofi), Christodoupoulos (`68 Katcharava), Warda


`4: Milovanovic fails to get the end of the promising pass

`6: Long ball forward for Deletic, Popovic comes out and claims the ball

`9: Cross from Jovic, header from Milovanovic wide

`11: Menig waved offside

`15: Fierce shot from Deletic, great diving save from Popovic. Visitors win corner-kick

`20: Header from Milovanovic, Partizan wins corner-kick

`20:  1-0, PARTIZAN!! Inviting cross from Jojic, powerful header from MIlovanovic  into the right corner of the net

`25: Fine run and low shot towards bottom left corner of the net from Pavlovic saved by the keeper

`27: Neat cross from Menig, poor interception from Jojic

`29: Shot from Jojic blocked

`32: PENALTY-KICK! Keeper Popovic failed to make a clearance and appeared to have fouled Anorthosis player in the process inside the box

`33: 1-1, ANORTHOSIS! Powerful penalty-kick strike from Christodoupoulos

`36: Shot from Deletic saved by Popovic

`44: Angled edge of the box set-piece for visitors, referee blows his whistle for a foul on Partizan player in the box

`45: One minute stoppage time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Scekic in for Pavlovic

`46: Popovic in for Ioannou

`50: Shot from Popovic (ANR) over the bar

`52: Miljkovic breaks into the box but loses possession eventually

`61: Long counter-attack run from Jovic and difficult pass for Jojic who lost the possession as a result

`61: Holender in for Menig

`62: Lutovac in for Jovic

`65: Scekic (tripping) booked

`68: Shot from Scekic well wide

`68: Katcharava in for Christodoupoulos

`71: Christofi in for Deletic

`76: Fine right side break from Milovanovic but his pass got intercepted by visitors defender

`78:  Korrea in for Antoniadis

`85: Long range attempt from Zdjelar well wide

`88: Zivkovic in for Urosevic

`88: MIletic in for Jojic

`90: Five minutes added time

`90+4: Low drive inside Partizan box just wide

`90+5: Vujacic booked

`90+5: Popovic (timewasting) booked

`90+6: Final whistle