Europa League play-off stage, first leg

Beograd, 17.08.2017.

Venue: Partizan stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 21.00h CET

Referee: John Beaton (Scotland)

Yellow cards: Ostojic, Radin (PAR) – Szolnoki, Patkai, Henty, Fiola (VID)

Game stats:

PARTIZAN                                                            VIDEOTON

52% Ball possession 48%
10 Goal attempts 5
3 Shots on goal 2
4 Shots off goal 2
3 Blocked shots 1
21 Free-kicks 21
3 Corner-kicks 5
4 Offsides 3
25 Throws 25
2 Saves 3
17 Fouls 17
2 Yellow Cards  


PARTIZAN: Stojkovic, Vulicevic, NR Miletic, Ostojic, NG Miletic, Radin, Jevtovic, Jankovic (`78 Djurickovic), Soumah (`66 Ilic), Djurdjevic (`80 Jovanovic), Tawamba

VIDEOTON: Kovascik, Fiola, Lazovic, Hadzic (`33 Geresi), Nego, Patkai, Henty (`76 Maric), Stopira, Juhasz, Szolnoki, Scepovic (`43 Sabo)


Game highlights:

`2: Right side Vulicevic`s cross over the bar

`3: Early caution for Ostojic

`5: Two consecutive corner-kicks for Videoton

`13: 20m low drive from Djurdjevic just wide of the right post

`20: Radin cautioned

`25: Patkai cautioned

`32: 20m shot from Stopira wide

`33: Geresi in for injured Hadzic

`35: Fine counter-attack from Partizan, angled shot from Vulicevic and punching save over the bar from Kovascik

`36: Partizan corner-kick and clearance followed by Jevtovic`s shot wide

`42: Long ball forward for Geresi followed by a weak shot and comfortable save from Stojkovic

`43: Sabo in for injured Scepovic

`45: Three mins stoppage time

`45: Henty for unmarked Geresi, MIletic wins the ball

`45+3: Half-time whistle


Second half highlights:

`46: Henty cautioned

`48: Long ball forward for Djurdjevic who wins a corner-kick only

`49: Edge of the foul on Jevtovic

`50: Jankovic shots over the bar from the resulting free-kick

`52: Another edge of the box foul and caution for Fiola

`53: Soumah shots over the bar from the resulting free-kick

`56: Szolnoki cautioned

`57: Miletic`s shot from inside the box blocked

`58: Lazovic`s corner-kick, Juhasz heads it over the bar

`59: Low shot from Vulicevic and comfortable save from Kovascik

`62: 18m shot from Nego and comfortable save from Stojkovic

`65: Geresi dives in the box, ref waves it away

`66: Ilic in for Soumah

`69: Left side cross and header into the net from Djurdjevic but referee blows for attacking foul

`76: Maric in for injured Henty

`78: Djurickovic in for Jankovic

`79: Lovely Ilic`s pass for Djurdjevic followed by a ball for Djurickovic and defensive clearance

`80: Jovanovic in for Djurdjevic

`86: Maric`s return ball for Lazovic who hesitated long enough to waste possible shooting opportunity

`90: Three mins stoppage time

90+3: Neat passing from Videoton and great opportunity for Patkai whose close range shot was brilliantly saved by Stojkovic

`90+3: Final whistle


Miroslav Djukic after the game:

– Game had such a slow pace. We didn`t impose our game and I don`t know was it about a fear of making a mistake or our opponent was defending too deep. We never reached our passing game and we introduced Ilic later in the game to get connection with forwards.

Now we have reverse leg away and I believe Videoton will play different kind of game. There will be more space for us and we need to get connection in midfield lines. I suspect we will play without fear there, with more freedom in play, while Videoton will be under pressure and we will exploit that.

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