Europa League play-off, return leg

Felscut, 24.08.2017.

Venue: Pancho Arena

Att: 4000

Kick-off time: 20.00h CET

Referee: Andre Marriner (England)

Yellow cards: Juhasz, Patkai Fiola (VID) – Ostojic, Everton (PAR)

Red cards: Juhasz

GOALS: 0-1 `6 Tawamba, 0-2 `24 Soumah, 0-3 `35 Djurdjevic, 0-4 `87 Djurdjevic


VIDEOTON                                                                                                                            PARTIZAN

45% Ball possession 55%
14 Goal attempts 18
3 Shots on target 7
8 Shots off target 8
3 Blocked shots 3
13 Free-kicks 20
5 Corner-kicks 3
4 Offsides 2
22 Throws 10
3  Saves 3
15 Fouls 12
1 Red Cards 0
4 Yellow Cards 2




Kovacsik, Loic, Juhasz, Fiola, Stopira, Suljic (`77 Sabo), Patkai, Hadzic, Henty (`HT Geresi), Lazovic, Scepovic

PARTIZAN:  Stojkovic, Vulicevic, NR Miletic, Ostojic, NG Miletic, Everton, Radin, Soumah (`64 Ilic), Jankovic (`77 Pantic), Tawamba (`70 Djurickovic), Djurdjevic


Game highlights:

`4: Videoton counter-attack, 18m charging shot from Loic and great save from Stojkovic

`6: 0-1, Partizan!! Partizan counter-attack, Everton`s long run forward and pass for Tawamba followed by edge of the box strike into the far corner of the net

`8: Scepovic sent a neat right side into the heart of the box pass for Lazovic followed by shot wide by the near post

`9: Cross from Suljic, header from Lazovic and another fine save from Stojkovic

`12: Another Videoton counter-attack, 12m angled shot from Henty just wide by the near post

`17: Long range shot from Henty wide

`18: 18m shot from Stopira wide

`20: Djurdjevic scores but he was offside

`24: 0-2, Partizan!!! Long ball forward for Djurdjevic who enters the box and sends a great return pass for charging Soumah followed by emphatic strike into the empty net

`26: Ostojic cautioned

`28: Lazovic`s corner-kick and Stopira`s header wide

`32: Dummy move and left-footed 18m drive from Radin, not the best of saves from Videoton keeper

`34: Jankovic for Djurdjevic followed by angled shot wide

`35: 0-3, Partizan!!!  Long ball forward for Jankovic followed by neat pass into the box for Djurdjevic and another emphatic strike

`38: Edge of the box shot for Videoton and block from Miletic

`40: Stopira dives in the box ref waves it away

`44: Juhasz cautioned

`45: Three mins stoppage time

`45+1: Long range shot from jankovic over the bar

`45+3: Stopira`s cross and Lazovic`s header over the bar

`45+3: Half-time whistle


Second half highlights:

`46: Geresi in for Henty

`47: Second caution and sending-off  for Juhasz

`48: Everton`s drop-kick just wide

`53: Jankovic`s cross and NR Miletic`s header over the bar

`55: Patkai cautioned

`60: Flank cross onto the far post, shot from Scepovic and save from Stojkovic

`61: Djurdjevic`s shot blocked

`62: Jankovic`s corner-kick and Ostojic`s header wide

`62: Maric in for Scepovic

`63: Nice ball from the left flank for Jankovic who failed to get a better of it

`64: Ilic in for Soumah

`70: Nice flank break from Jankovic followed by Everton`s shot over the bar

`70: Djurickovic in for Tawamba

`74: Edge of the area shot from Stopira well over the bar

`77: Sabo in for Suljic

`77: Pantic in for Jankovic

`78: Sliding tackle from Vulicevic prevents Lazovic`s opportunity

`81: Nice play and shot from Pantic, keeper saves it

`81: Everton cautioned

`82: Angled edge of the box shot from Djurdjevic wide

`83: 20m strike from Patkai wide

`84: Nice move and shot from Djurdjevic, another save from Videoton keeper

`85: Fiola cautioned

`87: 0-4, Partizan!! Djurdjevic shows great composure to score his second on the night

`90: Two mins stoppage time

`90+2: Final whistle


Full-back Bojan Ostojic after the game:

– After Belgrade`s goalless draw we knew it was only an introduction to what was going to happen here. We came here knowing exactly what we want to do. This was a game of high stakes and we showed we can handle it. I hope there will be more of the same from us in group stage. I also have to thank Mr. Marriner for not sending me off.

Forward Leandre Tawamba:

– We knew how important this game is and only our best was acceptable. These are rare opportunities of our careers. Therefore, I`m so happy for this result and this can only be great inspiration ahead of Belgrade derby game and El group stage.

Midfielder Seydouba Soumah:

– We came here to play as if there was no tomorrow. We knew what a win would bring to us and choose right style of play to get to it.

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