Match protocol

Conference League play-off stage, return leg

Belgrade, August 26

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 9pm CET

Referee: Craig Pawson (ENG)

Yelloc cards: Jojic, Vujacic, Sanicanin (PAR) – Bouldini, Villanueva, Costa, Mansur, Patric (SK)

GOALS: 1-0 `25 Ricardo, 2-0 `27 Sanicanin



Popovic, Miljkovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Obradovic, Zdjelar, Jojic (`85 Scekic), Soumah (`28 Soumah), Markovic (`74 Holender), Jovic (`74 Pantic), Ricardo


Rocha, Ramos, Afonso, Villanueva, Mansur, Morita (`84 Correia), Lincoln, de Carvalho (`66 Costa), Patric, Allano (`66 Ricardinho), Bouldini (`59 Crysan)


`2: Partizan wins corner-kick

`3: GOAL DISSALLOWED!! Soumah beats couple of Santa Clara defenders and takes left-footed low shot inside the box, keeper makes the save, Jovic scores inside the 6-yard box on the rebound, goal disallowed due to an offside position

`6: Long range attempt from Mansur well wide

`9: Partizan corner-kick

`15: Markovic`s left-footed drive inside the box just wide off the left post

`24: PENALTY-KICK!! Soumah brought down in the box

`25: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Emphatic penalty strike from Ricardo

`27: 2-0, PARTIZAN!! Left side corner-kick from Jojic, far post close range header into the net from Sanicanin

`28: Soumah (muscle injury) has to make way for Natcho

`30: Opportunity for Ricardo, Santa Clara defender clears it out for a Partizan corner-kick

`35: Tricky free-kick attempt from Lincoln, Popovic makes a diving save

`41: Jojic (foul) booked

`45: Two mins added time

`45: Mansur on the break, Partizan defence clears the danger

`45+2: Half-time whistle


`47: Cross from Jojic, Ricardo just late to get a header, Partizan wins corner-kick

`52: Long range shot from Zdjelar well over the bar

`53: Bouldini (foul) booked

`55: Fine cross from Markovic, Jovic unable to get to the end of it

`56: Vujacic booked (air tackle foul)

`59: Towering heart-of-the-box header from Sanicanin over the bar

`59: Crysan in for Bouldini

`64: Markovic breaks forward and gets fouled outside the box

`64: Villanueva booked for his foul on Markovic

`67: de Carvalho and Rivaldinho in for Costa and Allano

`71: Sanicanin (roughing) booked

`73: Couple of threats from Santa Clara, ball cleared for a visitors throw eventually

`74: Pantic and Holender in for Jovic and Markovic

`76: Costa (roughing) booked

`79: Mansur (roughing) booked

`80: Holender breaks into the box but his angled and powerful shot towards near corner of the net got saved by Santa Clara keeper for a Partizan corner-kick

`81: Long range shot from Obradovic well over the bar

`84: Patric (holding) booked

`84: Correia in for Morita

`85: Scekic in for Jojic

`85: Header from Pantic saved by Santa Klara keeper

`90: Eight mins stoppage time

`90+8: Final whistle