Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 17

November 5, Belgrade

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 4pm CET

Referee: Lazar Lukic

Yellow cards: Zdjelar, S Markovic, Scekic (PAR) – Ndiaye, Kajevic, Mijailovic, Eze, Ostojic (CUK)

GOALS: 1-0, `86 Stulic



Stojkovic, Miljkovic (`HT Lutovac), S Markovic, Bagnack, Obradovic (`82 Urosevic), Scekic, Zdjelar, F Stevanovic (`57 Stulic), Natcho (`57 Soumah), Jojic, Asano


Petrovic, Cirkovic, Sapic, Ostojic, Kamenovic, Kovac (`83 Puskaric), Mijailovic, Pantic (`62 Savic), Kajevic (`77 Vidosavljevic), Birmancevic, Ndiaye (`HT Eze)


`0: Kick-off is late due to a problems with goalpost

`1: Early streak of opportunities in one single attack for Cukaricki, two shots were blocked and danger cleared eventually

`15: Sharp but inaccurate return ball from Pantic to Petrovic, Partizan goal-kick

`15: Partizan corner-kick, Bagnack heads it wide by the right post

`20: Obradovic wins space to cross the ball, Cukaricki defence clears it for a Partizan corner-kick

`21: From the resulting corner-kick, S Markovic`s header was blocked. Partizan wins another corner-kick

`21: Jojic hits the outside netting with his corner-kick attempt

`22: F Stevanovic dribbles his way through and wins another corner-kick for Partizan

`23: From the resulting corner, S Markovic lays it for Bagnack whose close range shot hits the well-positioned keeper

`25: Long range drive from Jojic well wide

`33: Ndiaye booked

`37: Birmancevic`s initial attempt blocked, rebound shot hits the outside setting

`41: Air clash between Zdjelar and Ndiaye, Zdjelar booked as a result

`43: Fine Partizan build-up, Natcho`s shot blocked for a corner-kick followed by Bagnack`s shot over the bar

`45: Two mins added time to be played

`45+1: Kajevic booked

`45+2: Half-time whistle


`46: Eze in for Ndiaye

`46: Lutovac in for Miljkovic

`47: S Markovic booked

`48: Birmancevic breaks into the box from the left but well-positioned Stojkovic saves his shot

`50: Mijailovic booked

`53: Long range shot on the rebound from Kovac well wide

`57: Soumah in for Natcho

`57: Stulic in for F Stevanovic

`59: Stulic lays it out for Obradovic followed by a first-touch shot just wide

`61: Cross from Lutovac, well-positioned Ostojic clears the ball out of the box

`62: Savic in for Pantic

`63: Poor pass from Stojkovic over to Lutovac, Birmancevic steals position and tries to assist, S Markovic clears the danger for a Cukaricki throw

`67: Pinpoint cross from Lutovac, return ball from Jojic, Stulic`s shot blocked

`72: Fine visitors build-up, Jojic clears the danger for a Cukaricki corner-kick

`75: Shot on goal directly from a corner-kick from Savic saved by alerted Stojkovic

`77: Vidosavljevic in for Kajevic

`77: Soumah dribbles his was through and wins corner-kick

`82: Urosevic in for Obradovic

`83: Puskaric in for Kovac

`86: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Neat pass exchange from Soumah and Jojic, Soumah plays it into the 6-yard box for alerted youngster Stulic who puts the ball into the net in an experienced target man fashion

`89: Eze booked

`90: Scekic booked

`90: Three mins added time to be played

`90+2: Ostojic booked

`90+3: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-Goalless draw wouldn`t be unfair outcome but we did score and managed to win. It was tough in the second half with wind against us. I`m pleased with the result but we have problems we need to solve.

I`m glad Stulic scored, he looked like he was going to today. I`ll say it again, maybe we didn`t deserve to win today but I think we showed character and played well.



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