Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 29

Beograd, March 3

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 7.05pm CET

Referee: Danilo Grujic

Yellow cards: L Markovic, Pavlovic (PAR) – Mladjovic (MET)

GOALS: 1-0 `44 Soumah (p), 2-0 `54 Jojic, 3-0 `59 L Markovic



Stojkovic, Miljkovic, S Markovic, Ostojic, Obradovic (`67 Urosevic), Zdjelar (`61 Scekic), Jojic, L Markovic (`61 Stevanovic), Soumah (`66 Pavlovic), Jovic (`HT Asano), Holender


Puletic, Vlalukin, Rogac, Pecelj (`59 Grbovic), Vasiljevic (`72 Milicevic), Krajisnik, Cvetkovic, Maksimovic (`59 Jokic), Zecevic (`69 Kokir), Mladjovic, Katanic (`72 Lukovic)


`3: Partizan wins corner-kick

`6: Calm early exchanges

`7: First great opportunity – Soumah played it for L Markovic whose close range shot was prevented by defensive sliding tackle while Soumah`s close range shot was blocked in the follow-up

`8: Cross from Holender, tricky header from Miljkovic towards the right corner of the net, keeper punches the ball out with fully-stretched save

`10: Set-piece cross from Jovic, keeper claims the ball with ease

`11: GOAL DISSALLOWED!! Fine passing game build-up finished off by L Markovic but the assistant ref waved him offside

`22: Counter-attack attempt from Metalac prevented by midfield foul from Zdjelar

`25: Another set-piece ball from Jovic straight into the hands of the Metalac keeper

`30: Low 18m shot saved by well-positioned Stojkovic

`33: Fine cross from L Markovic, unsuccessful bicycle-kick attempt from Holender

`35: First corner-kick for visitors after Krajisnik`s shot attempt

`40: Jovic`s shot blocked by Vlalukin for a Partizan corner-kick

`42: L Markovic booked after being brought down in the box and being furious of penalty not given

`43: PENALTY-KICK!! Partizan wins penalty-kick, L Markovic brought down in the box again

`44: Mladjovic booked

`44: `1-0, PARTIZAN!! Keeper got the hand to it, but Soumah scores from the spot in absence of regular penalty taker Natcho

`45: Half-time whistle


`46: Asano in for Jovic

`46: Vlalukin shoots well wide

`50: Soumah`s shot comfortably saved by the keeper

`54: 2-0, PARTIZAN!! Jojic steals possession outside the box, runs forward and sends the ball into the far corner of the net

`58: 3-0, PARTIZAN!! Inviting cross from Miljkovic and goal from charging L Markovic

`59: Kokir, Grbovic and Jokic in for Pecelj, Zocevic and Maksimovic

`61: Scekic and Stevanovic in for Markovic and Zdjelar

`65: Pavlovic and Urosevic in for Soumah and Obradovic

`70: Milicevic and Lukovic in for Katanic and Vasiljevic

`71: Shot from Holender comfortably saved by the keeper

`84: Pavlovic booked

`90: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-It was tough from the start, we missed three clear-cut opportunities and tension was there as a result. But, we controlled the game, scored timely and I have to be pleased. It wasn`t the best of performances but we have international break behind us where we lost a bit of pace. In general, I`m pleased with our performance.

Our approach was good, we were focused and serious about our business. I`m not happy with slow pace at times and ball being sent back too often. But, when you win 3-0, you have to be satisfied.





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