Match protocol

Serbian Cup final

Belgrade, May 25

Venue: Rajko Mitic Stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 7pm CET

Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic

Yellow cards: Ben, Gobeljic (CZ) – L Markovic, Zdjelar, Miljkovic, Stojkovic (PAR)



Borjan, Gajic (`72 Gobeljic), Milunovic, Pankov, Rodic, Sanogo, Kanga (`66 Nikolic), Ivanic (`91 Degenek), Ben (`101 Krstovic), Katai (`72 Srnic), Falcinelli (`91 Vukanovic)


Stojkovic, Miljkovic, S Markovic (`HT Ostojic), Vujacic, Urosevic (`111 Zivkovic), Scekic, Zdjelar (`106 Stevanovic), Jojic, Jovic (`73 Natcho), L Markovic (`73 Lutovac), Holender (`88 Stulic)


`1: S Markovic plays it for Jovic who failed to control the ball

`2: Low shot from Falcinelli just wide

`3: Corner-kick from Jojic, CZ defence clears the ball out of the box

`7: Long range attempt from Ivanovic well wide

`9: Opportunity for Ivanic, good reaction from Partizan defence, Stojkovic clears the ball out of the danger eventually

`10: Vujacic puts too much power on his pass for Urosevic, CZ wins a throw

`14: 18m uncomfortable shot from Jojic, Borjan palms the ball away

`17: Cross from Rodic, clearance from S Markovic

`18: Sharp cross from Katai, no one gets to the end of it

`22: Partizan counter-attack, Jojic sends the ball into the box, CZ defence clears it for a Partizan throw

`24: Close range clear-cut opportunity for Falcinelli, ball goes just wide of the left post

`25: Left side cross from Katai, clearance from Vujacic

`30: Wicked pass from L Markovic, close range miss from Jovic, great opportunity for Partizan

`33: Free-kick from Katai easily dealt by alerted Stojkovic

`35: Ivanic found himself in unmarked space but sends the back pass where no one was able to meet the ball

`43: Another close range opportunity for Falcinelli, ball goes wide by the left post

`45: One minute added time allocated

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Ostojic in for injured S Markovic

`50: Katai`s pass for Falcinelli, Stojkovic claims the ball

`58: Partizan corner-kick, Vujacic heads the ball over the bar

`60: Cross from Ivanic, Katai shoots wide

`60: L Markovic booked

`62: Ben booked

`63: Several Partizan attacks lacking final pass

`64: Partizan cross, Borjan fails to claim the ball, last gasp clearance from Gajic for a Partizan corner-kick

`66: Shot from Holender blocked for another Partizan corner-kick

`66: Nikolic in for Kanga

`71: Gobeljic and Srnic in for Gajic and Katai

`71: Lutovac in for L Markovic

`72: Natcho in for Jovic

`73: Urosevic breaks into the box but sends a poor pass into the heart of the box

`75: CZ corner-kick, fierce close range header from Milunovic, well-positioned Stojkovic makes a neat save

`78: Low cross from Ben, Urosevic blocks shot from Nikolic

`84: Zdjelar booked

`85: Miljkovic booked

`87: Gobeljic booked

`87: Stulic in for Holender

`90: Three mins added time allocated

`90+3: Regular time final whistle


`91: Vukanovic and Degenek in for Falcinelli and Ivanic

`91: Left-footed shot from Natcho wide

`92: Neat pass from Lutovac, Stulic unable to control the ball

`99: Angled low from Lutovac comfortably saved by Borjan

`101: Krstovic in for Ben

`104: CZ counter-attack finished by a shot wide from Srnic

`105: Borjan drops the ball, Scekic`s shot blocked in a follow-up by Gobeljic. Great opportunity for Partizan missed


`107: Miljkovic`s cross onto the far post, poor volley shot from Stevanovic

`111: Zivkovic in for injured Urosevic

`114: Cross from Zivkovic, Stulic heads it wide

`119: Stojkovic booked

`120: Final extra-time whistle


0-1, Natcho

1-1, Rodic

1-2, Zivkovic

2-2, Pankov

2-3, Stevanovic

3-3, Krstovic

After a bit of scuffle, Stojkovic and Ostojic pick up bookings

3-3, Borjan saves penalty-kick from Jojic

4-3, Nikolic

4-3, Borjan saves penalty-kick from Stulic