Match protocol

Serbian Cup last 32 stage, one-legged tie

Belgrade, October 13

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 4.30pm CET

Referee: Miroslav Miletic

Yellow cards: Ricardo, Smiljanic (PAR) – , Gasic, Pavlovic, Jovic, Matejevic (TRA)

GOALS: 1-0 `25 Menig, 2-0 `49 Menig, 3-0 `67 Zivkovic



Stevanovic, Zivkovic, Ostojic, Miletic, Obradovic, Zdjelar (`76 Smiljanic), Jojic, Markovic (`61 Lutovac), Pantic, Menig (`61 Pavlovic), Ricardo (`76 Miljkovic)


Todorovic, Gasic, Matejevic, Terzic, Savic (`58 Arsic), Aleksic, Nikolic (`HT Jovic), Petrovic (`80 Sokolovic), Pavlovic (`70 Milosevic), Milisavljevic (`80 Jovicic), Golubovic


`4: Four corner-kicks already for Partizan so far

`4: Pantic shoots wide

`5: Cross from Zivkovic, keeper Todorovic alerted

`6: Todorovic claims the ball after Markovic`s passing attempt for Ricardo

`8: Jojic failed to win shooting position in the crowded box, Trayal defence clears the ball out of the danger

`9: 20m shot from Nikolic and comfortable save from Stevanovic

`11: Shot from Pantic over the bar

`12: Jojic beats his marker but another defender blocks his shot

`18: Dangerous right side cross from Trayal, referee blows his whistle for an attacking foul in the box

`18: Angled shot from Menig saved by Todorovic

`21: Another save from Todorovic

`23: Neat shot from Pantic, keeper palms it off the post and out for a corner-kick

`25: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Lovely through ball from Markovic, Jojic`s lays it down for alerted Menig who taps the ball in

`29: GOAL DISALLOWED!! Ricardo heads the ball in but commits foul in the process

`36: Cross from Zivkovic, Savic clears it for another Partizan corner-kick

`40: Ricardo breaks into the box from the left, a bit of pulling from the defender involved but the ref waves it away

`42: Jojic on the break but shots wide after a long run

`44: Trayal on the attack but the opportunity got wasted after poor cross from Golubovic

`45: Half-time whistle


`46: Jovic in for Nikolic

`47: Fine cross from Zivkovic, Pantic unable to make the most of it

`49: 2-0, PARTIZAN!! Another through ball from Markovic, return ball from Pantic and right-footed shot into the far corner of the net from Menig

`55: Corner-kick number 9 for Partizan

`56: Trayal counter-attack finished off with a shot from Matejevic wide

`57: Ricardo fouled just outside the box

`57:  Gasic booked

`57: Pavlovic booked

`58: Arsic in for Savic

`59: From the resulting free-kick, Jojic hits the wall of defending players

`60: Fine shot from Arsic and equally good save from Stevanovic

`61: Lutovac in for Menig

`61: L Pavlovic in for Markovic

`65: L Pavlovic plays it for Pantic followed by a shot over the bar

`66: Jovic booked

`67: 3-0, PARTIZAN!! Angled drive into the far corner of the net from Zivkovic

`72: Ricardo booked

`75: Matejevic booked

`75: Smiljanic in for Zdjelar

`76: Miljkovic in for Ricardo

`79: Free-kick shot from Jojic over the bar

`80: Sokolovic and Jovicic in for Milisavljevic and Petrovic

`83: L Pavlovic sends the ball over the bar

`87: Smiljanic booked

`89: Long range attempt from Golubovic and comfortable save from Stevanovic

90: First corner-kick for visitors

`90: Final whistle