Partizan is gradually closing down on mid-season training camp in Belek – there are two more friendlies left to be played on Friday before squad`s return to Belgrade. Today, we spoke to centre-back Sinisa Sanicanin on various topics.

“Preps are tough, especially the early basic part when we had two-hour training sessions back in Belgrade. Now we have two training sessions a day and all focus is on that. Conditions here are fantastic, we have good meals and rest, going to bed on time and things are easier that way”, said 27-year old Bosnian international.

Who stands out among Partizan youngsters?

“First of all, they are all great boys, that`s what matters. I really like who Mihajlo Ilic is playing. He is a promising player who reads the game well and I have no doubts he`ll have a great career. Subotic is young too but he has a great opportunity to be with senior team and I`m sure he`ll benefit from it”.

Do you find friendlies results important? Opinions are mixed generally.

“To be honest, it`s important to me personally. I love to win even during training session, video game, not to mention matches. If I lose, I may get angry. Of course, what matters is that we pick our form up but even wins in a friendlies mean a lot”.

UEFA Europa Conference League?

“I`m glad we`ll have VAR technology in a tie against Sheriff. Here, we had a mistake by the ref yesterday when he disallowed clear goal from Lutovac. Of course, without bad intentions, VAR technology means a lot. I don`t want to talk about further steps but if we win Sheriff I would like us to draw an attractive opposition for the Last 16 stage for a true football show at Partizan Stadium”.

Domestic league and derby against Crvena Zvezda early on?

“Now we have a chance to make amends and show what we missed to do in a past few derby games. We have a chance to win and to bring honour to our club. Such away win would mean a lot to us and our fans and things could turn in our favour regarding the league too”.

What`s the mood like within the squad?

“It`s great. They are all good people and it transfers to training sessions and matches. When we work, we work really hard, outside of that there`s lots of laughs. They say that there`s usually arguments in such big groups after 10 or 15 days together. Luckily, we have none of that here”, said Sanicanin.

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