Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 27

Belgrade, March 13

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 2506

Kick-off time: 2.30pm CET

Referee: Aleksandar Zivkovic

Yellow cards: Ricardo, Markovic, Jevtovic (PAR) – Raskovic, Kojicic, Stevanovic, Melunovic, Vasiljevic (NAP)




Stevanovic, Lutovac, Miletic, Vujacic, Urosevic (`HT Zivkovic), Zdjelar, Jojic (`HT Holender), Pavlovic (`HT Jevtovic), Markovic (`61 Milovanovic), Menig (`HT Jovic), Ricardo


Vasiljevic, S Jovanovic, Kojicic, Djakovic,  Spremo, Marjanovic (`50 Stevanovic), Raskovic, D Jovanovic (`79 Mladenovic), Djurickovic (`70 Ivanic), Kocic  (`79 Dzuguric), Melunovic (`79 Kunic)


`1: Menig plays it for Pavlovic, Napredak wins a throw

`4: Cross from Kocic, good defensive reaction from Miletic

`5: Ricardo leaves it for Markovic followed by a poor cross

`6: Long range drive from Marjanovic blocked

`7: Menig goes down in the box, referee waves play on

`12: Fine cross from Lutovac, Ricardo`s attempt blocked for a Partizan corner-kick

`14: Spemo clears the ball in the crowded box after failed attempt from Pavlovic to get a shot

`16: Set-piece ball from Marjanovic rebounds for Djurickovic who blasts the ball high over the bar

`18: Poor pass from Markovic inside the box

`20: Markovic turns and shoots, Milunovic blocks his effort, Partizan wins corner-kick

`21: From the resulting corner-kick, Vujacic heads the ball just over the bar

`23: Set-piece ball into the Napredak box, Kojicic clears it before Vujacic could get to the end of the cross, Partizan wins corner-kick

`27: Raskovic (bad tackle on Markovic) booked

`30 Ricardo booked for a foul on Kojicic inside visitor`s box

`32: Fine build-up between Ricardo and Markovic followed by a cross from Markovic, Pavlovic failed to get to the end of it

`35: Set-piece cross from Jojic, far post attempt from Miletic cleared

`38: Cross from Spremo, poor header from unmarked Marjanovic

`41: Angled shot from Lutovac straight into the keeper

`43: Kojicic booked for pulling down Markovic from the back

`43: Markovic (unsportsmanlike conduct) booked

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Great move and cross from Lutovac, weak header from Ricardo, keeper claims the ball comfortably

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Jevtovic, Jovic, Zivkovic and Holender in for Menig, Jojic, Urosevic and Pavlovic

`46: Lutovac moves to left-back position, Zivkovic takes over the right flank

`46: Cross from Zivkovic, header from Ricardo wide

`48: Edge of the box shot from Holender, comfortable save from Vasiljevic

`50: Stevanovic in for injured Marjanovic

`51: Stevanovic (unsportmanlike conduct) booked

`57: Markovic hits the crossbar with his shot but the referee signals foul on Napredak player in the process

`58: Melunovic booked

`60: Jovic wins shooting position inside the box but sends the ball wide

`61: Milovanovic in for Markovic

`61: Neat cross from Ricardo, Milovanovic heads the ball from close range just wide

`68: Visitors do their best in time-wasting department now

`70: Ivanic in for Djurickovic

`75: 20m shot from Melunovic comfortably saved by Stevanovic

`76: Ricardo goes down in the box, referee waves it away, Partizan wins corner-kick only

`79: Dzuguric, Mladenovic and Kunic in for Kocic, Jovanovic and Melunovic

`81: Napredak hits the post but there was offside position in the process

`83: Edge of the box shot from Lutovac just over the bar

`84: Cross from Zivkovic, keeper drops the ball but Partizan players failed to seize on this blunder

`88: Set-piece cross from Zivkovic cleared out of the danger

`89: Difficult shot from Ricardo easily saved by the keeper

`90: A touch too much in the visitor`s box, shooting opportunity wasted

`90: Seven mins added time

`90+1: Clear-cut opportunity for Milovanovic!! Holender crossed it into the 6-yard box for young Partizan forward whose close range header got brilliantly saved by the keeper

`90+4: Ricardo hits the outside netting with his angled shot

`90+4: Vasiljevic (time-wasting) booked

`90+5: Poor 15m shot from Zivkovic wide

`90+8: Jevtovic (unsprtmanlike conduct) booked


Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-It`s quite unpleasant to lose like this. It`s a fact Feyenoord is a much better side and this was our the best we could do at the moment. They are on a higher level and everything is pretty much clear regarding this tie.

We have a league game soon and it`s on us to try and pick up, we`ll see if we are good enough to do that.

We were good in all departments before this game but it`s either that we were poor tonight or Feyenoord is a really good side. They were dangerous in first half too, reaching our box with ease, making a lots of opportunities. It`s hard to defend when you have an opponent with total of 20 shots. We conceded second goal soon after we scored our second and it was hard to pick up.