Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 16 match

Belgrade, November 7

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 8.15pm CET

Referee: Pavle Tomic

Yellow cards: Natcho, Urosevic (PAR) – Tanasin, Stojanovic, Vukasovic, Kun, Mitrovic (PRO)




Popovic, Zivkovic, Miletic, Vujacic, Obradovic (`HT Urosevic), Jojic, Natcho (`HT Menig), Markovic (`77 Holender), Pantic, Jovic (`HT Terzic), Ricardo


Petric, Tanasin, Skupljak, Lambulic, Mitrovic, Kojic, Stojanovic (`58 Ilic), Vukasovic, Ortiz (`90 Marjanovic), Evandro (`83 Zivojinovic), Mihajlovic (`58 Kun)


`3: Evandro breaks from the right, Vujacic blocks his cross for a Proleter corner-kick

`5: Popovic makes his first save of the game

`7: Fine build-up from Zivkovic and Markovic followed by a cross and Ricardo`s header wide

`11: Shot from Markovic wide

`12: Partizan loses midfield possession, cross from Evandro, Popovic comes out and claims the ball

`14: Shot from Natcho on a rebound blocked

`16: Free-kick ball from Jojic, Proleter defence clears it out of the box

`18: Markovic and then Natcho tried to pass it to Ricardo with no success

`19: Brave sliding tackle from Zivkovic wins Partizan a corner-kick

`23: Cross from Markovic towards Jovic, Vukasovic clears the ball out of the box

`24: Tanasin booked

`27: Shot from Evandro blocked by Vujacic, visitors win corner-kick

`28: Ricardo held possession in the box long enough for Jovic to step in and volleys the ball towards top near corner but Proleter keeper made a brilliant diving save

`29: Attempt from Jovic blocked by Ortiz

`30: Corner-kick from Jojic, left-footed mild from MIletic and comfortable save from Proleter keeper

`36: Number of cross into Proleter box no threat to visitors

`40: Natcho booked

`41: Stojanovic booked

`45: Cross from Obradovic, header wide from Ricardo

`45: Half-time whistle


`46: Urosevic, Terzic and Menig in for Obradovic, Jovic and Natcho

`49: Long run by Ricardo, ball finishes in the hands of the visiting keeper eventually

`52: Shot from Ricardo over the bar

`57: Fine pass from Menig over to Ricardo followed by a return ball for Markovic and shot just wide

`58: Ilic and Kun in for Stojanovic and Mihajlovic

`62: Foggy weather prevents clear visibility on the field now

`64: Pantic puts too much power on his pass for Markovic

`66: PENALTY KICK!! Partizan wins penalty-kick after Proleter player handball in the box. VAR check confirms ref`s decision

`66: Vukasovic booked

`68: PENLATY MISSED!! Proleter keeper saves penalty-kick from Ricardo

`69: Shot from Terzic saved

`72: Opportunity for Ricardo, ref signals offside position

`77: Holender in for Markovic

`79: Kun booked

`81: Shot from Vujacic saved by the keeper

`82: Shot from Pantic wide

`83: Zivojinovic in for Evandro

`83: Mitrovic booked

`85: Another shot from Terzic saved by Proleter keeper

`90: Marjanovic in for Ortiz

`90: Six mins added time

`90: Zivkovic for Terzic followed by a shot and another keeper`s save

`90+7: Final whistle