Match protocol

Mozzart Bet Serbian Super Liga, round 29

Beograd, April 5

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Kick-off time: 4.30pm CET

Referee: Pavle Tomic

Yellow cards: Jovic (PAR) –  Damjanovic, Mijailovic (VZD)

GOALS: 1-0 `5 Ricardo



Stevanovic, Filipovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Urosevic, Fejsa, Pantic (`81 Colorado), Natcho (`69 Bazdar), Jovic (`90+1 Jevremovic), Menig, Ricardo

Sub`s bench:

Lukac (g), Zivkovic, Markovic, Sehovic, Colorado, Andrade, Mircetic, Stjepanovic, Trifunovic, Jevremovic, Bazdar


Katic, Damjanovic, Djordjevic, Djuricic, Mijailovic, Lazarevic (`64 Stoisavljevic), Matic, Neskovic (`78 Medic), Pantovic, Jocic (`83 Mitrovic), Teodorovic (`64 Kadric)

Sub`s bench:

Krunic (g), Nikic, Jokovic, Kadric, Mitrovic, Medic, Zecevic, Ajdinovic, Stoisavljevic, Danicic, Jorgovanovic


`4: Long ball forward for Menig (PAR) who charges into the box but gets stopped by Djordjevic (VZD)

`5: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Natcho (PAR) steals possession by the left flank and plays it for Ricardo (PAR) who sends neat ball into the left corner of the net with his edge of the box effort

`8: Pantic`s (PAR) through ball for Ricardo, ball picked up by keeper Katic (VZD)

`10: Jovic (PAR) plays it onto the far post for ghosting Menig (PAR) who blasts the ball over the bar from close range

`12: Pantic (PAR) beats two defenders with his dummy move but fails to get a shot

`16: Build-up from Jovic (PAR) and Filipovic (PAR), the latter enters the box but Matic (VZD) blocks him and brings the ball out of the danger zone

`18: Shot from Pantovic (VZD) blocked

`19: Shot from Jovic (PAR) saved by Katic (VZD), Partizan wins corner-kick

`20: Corner-kick ball sent into the box, Sanicanin (PAR) hits the outside netting with his shot

`21: Counter-attack run from Menig (PAR), edge of the box drive from Jovic (PAR) over the bar

`29: Cross from Jovic (PAR) cleared by Vozdovac defence

`34: Ricardo (PAR) fouled, Partizan will have a direct shot on goal free-kick opportunity

`35: Natcho (PAR) opted for a free-kick cross, Djordjevic (VZD) clears the ball out for a Partizan corner-kick

`36: From the resulting corner-kick, Urosevic (PAR) tries his luck with a sliding shot but he fails to trouble Vozdovac keeper

`44: Vozdovac keeper tests the nerves of his teammates trying to dribble Ricardo (PAR) who was close to steal possession of him

`45: Partizan wins corner-kick

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`47: Partizan counter-attack, shot from Natcho (PAR) saved by keeper Katic (VZD), Menig (PAR) sends the ball over the bar in the follow-up

`53: Jovic (PAR) enters the box but sends a poor return pass for charging Natcho (PAR) allowing Vozdovac defence to avert the threat

`53: Teodorovic (VZD) hits the post but the assistant ref signals offside position

`58: Menig (PAR) tries to break through but the ball goes out for a Vozdovac throw

`59: Damjanovic (VZD) booked for his foul on Ricardo (PAR)

`60 Mijailovic (VZD) booked for bringing Natcho (PAR) down

`62: Poor shot on a rebound from Jovic (PAR)

`63 Individual effort and shot from Menig (PAR) saved by Katic (VZD)

`64: Two Vozdovac subs – Stoisavljevic and Kadric in for Lazarevic and Teodorovic

`64: Partizan wins corner-kick

`68: Partizan counter-attack and great opportunity, Ricardo (PAR) waved offside after a pass from Natcho (PAR)

`69: Bazdar (PAR) in for Natcho (PAR)

`72: Partizan wins corner-kick

`73: Edge of the box shot from Vujacic (PAR) blocked, Partizan wins another corner-kick

`73: Close range effort from Menig (PAR) saved by Katic (VZD), another great opportunity wasted

`75: Kadric (VZD) jumps to meet a cross and heads the ball well wide

`78: Medic (VZD) in for Neskovic (VZD)

`80: WOODWORK!! Ricardo (PAR) hits the post with his effort, ball goes out off Katic (VZD) for another Partizan corner-kick

`81: Colorado (PAR) in for Pantic (PAR)

`82: Close range, unmarked header from Ricardo (PAR), another save from Katic (VZD)

`82: Partizan wins corner-kick

`83: Mitrovic (VZD) in for Jocic (VZD)

`86: Katic (VZD) makes another save, this time from Bazdar (PAR), another close range header wasted

`87: Jovic (PAR) booked for his careless tackle

`90: Three mins added time

`90+1: Jovic (PAR) shoots towards far post, Katic (VZD) makes a foot save

`90+1: Jevremovic (PAR) in for Jovic (PAR)

`90+3: Final whistle



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