Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 19

November 17, Belgrade

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 2pm CET

Referee: Milan  Mitic

Yellow cards: Vujacic (PAR) – Satara, Krajisnik (ML)

GOALS: 1-0 `25 Asano, 2-0 `42 Natcho (p), 3-0 `59 Obradovic, 4-0 `84 L Markovic



Popovic, Bagnack, Ostojic, Vujacic, Obradovic, Scekic, Natcho (`66 Pavlovic), F Stevanovic (`61 Jojic), Soumah (`66 Jovic), Asano (`61 L Markovic), Holender (`66 Stulic)


Zecevic, P jovanovic, Micevic, Satara, Milosevic, Zunjic, Krajisnik (`HT Radivojevic), Regis (`65 Stanisavljevic), Markovic, L Jovanovic (`71 Babic), Odita (`65 Kos)


`3: Krajisnik shots well wide on the rebound

`9: Pinpoint pass from Natcho, Asano hits the crossbar with his shot

`14: Fine build-up from Soumah and Stevanovic, Bagnack`s cross cleared out of the box

`17: Soumah beats two Mladost players but the ball goes out of the play for a visitors throw

`20: Satara booked

`24: Long range attempt from Stevanovic and comfortable save from Mladost keeper

`25: 1-0, PARTIZAN!! Asano`s trademark angled low shot, off the far post and into the net

`28: Ostojic blocks shot from Jovanovic

`37: Visitors corner-kick, Vujacic fouled in the box

`40: Excellent build-up from Soumah and Asano, former saw his shot blocked

`41: PENALTY-KICK!! Vujacic pulled down in the box

`41: Krajisnik booked

`42: 2-0, PARTIZAN!! Emphatic strike from the spot from Natcho

`44: Vujacic booked

`45: Half-time whistle


`46: Radivojevic in for Krajisnik

`51: Stevanovic dribbles and shots, comfortable save from Mladost keeper

`52: Holender wins midfield possession and sends a poor pass forward for Asano

`55: Neat cross from Asano, Holender inches late to get a touch

`59: 3-0, PARTIZAN!! Obradovic smashes the ball into the net

`61: Jojic in for Stevanovic

`61: L Markovic in for Asano

`63: Soumah`s shot saved

`64: Long range attempt from Jojic blocked

`65: Stanisavljevic in for Regis

`65: Kos in for Odita

`68: Stulic in for Holender

`68: Pavlovic in for Natcho

`71: Jovic shoots straight into the keeper`s path

`72: Babic in for Jovanovic

`75: Fine free-kick shot from Jojic and equally fine save from Mladost keeper

`79: Shot from Kos saved by well-positioned Popovic

`80: Stulic volleys the ball straight into the keeper

`84: 4-0, PARTIZAN!! l Markovic beats the keeper and marker with his outside foot shot

`88: Jojic hits the cross bar with his measured strike

`90: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

“We were wary of the final game before winter break as these matches can prove difficult. Team was tense at the beginning but that`s how we wanted them to be. Mladost threatened a bit at the start of the game, they are quite firm side but we found our ways towards their net easily later on”.