Match protocol

Linglong Tire Serbian Super Liga, round 14

Backa Topola, October 24

Venue: TSC Arena

Kick-off time: 1.30pm CET

Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic

Yellow cards: Petkovic (TSC) – Ricardo, Vujacic (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0 `9 Petkovic, 1-1 `12 Ricardo, 1-2 `27 Terzic, 1-3 `36 Terzic



Filipovic, Petkovic, Antonic, Rajkovic, Krsmanovic (`81 Petrovic), Tomanovic, Stojkovic, Stanojev, Banjac (`81 Milicevic), Stanojlovic (`67 Ratkov), Zec


Stevanovic, Miljkovic, Miletic, Vujacic, Urosevic, Zdjelar, Jojic, Terzic (`64 Jovic), Natcho (`50 Scekic), Pantic (`50 Menig), Ricardo (`72 Lutovac)


`2: Free-kick shot from Banjac wide

`3: Midfield possession lost for Partizan but Miletic clears the potential danger

`5: Neat ball for Miljkovic followed by a poor cross

`6: Fine break from Natcho and pass for Urosevic who clashes with Ricardo and wastes possible goal opportunity

`7: Free-kick from Jojic and header over the bar from Vujacic

`9: Shot from Stojkovic, TSC wins corner-kick

`9: 1-0, TSC! From the resulting corner-kick, two headers later and save from Stevanovic, Petkovic scores on the rebound with his sharp close range angled shot

`11: Shot from Urosevic wide

`12: 1-1, PARTIZAN!! Neat pass inside the box from Natcho, emphatic close range finish from Ricardo

`16: Jojic for Ricardo, TSC keeper claims the ball

`21: Fine shot from Krsmanovic, save from Stevanovic

`27: 1-2, PARTIZAN!! Brilliant passing game results with a neat Terzic`s left-footed strike into the far corner of the net after assist from Ricardo

`28: Long range attempt from Banjac over the bar

`29: Ricardo (elbowing) booked

`36: 1-3, PARTIZAN!! Natcho`s shot saved, close range header into the net on the rebound from alerted Terzic

`41: WOODWORK! Post comes to Partizan rescue after low shot from Banjac

`45: Half-time whistle

`46: Shot from Tomanovic and comfortable save from Stevanovic

`50: Scekic and Menig in for Natcho and Pantic

`51: Ricardo`s pass for Menig intercepted by Antonic

`55: Stanojlovic runs with the ball and shoots, another save from Stevanovic

`60: Ricardo beats Filipovic to the ball and sends a return ball for Menig who failed to find Jojic with his pass, Partizan wins corner-kick only

`61: Excellent shot from Stojkovic, equally fine save from Stevanovic

`64: TSC counter-attack, great reaction and clearance from Vujacic

`65: Jovic in for Terzic

`67: Ratkov in for Stanojlovic

`70: Cross from Jojic, unsuccessful bicycle-kick attempt from Jovic, followed by a cross from Urosevic and defensive clearance

`72: Lutovac in for Ricardo

`77: Lutovac breaks on the right beating couple of defenders but fails to send the final pass once in the box

`77: Vujacic (foul) booked

`88: Cross from Menig, keepe claims the ball

`89: Scekic heads it wide

`90: Three mins added time

`90+3: Final whistle