As a proof that sport, in this case football, is an important factor of active and healthy life, we have our football veterans who “never really hanged their boots”, and are seen playing over 50 matches a year with various veteran clubs around the country and abroad.

Current veteran team players are:

Arsenovic, Babic, Bajovic, Belojevic, Bjekovic, Capljic, Djelmas, B. Djordjevic, Djurovic, Jesic, Jocic, Kadenic, Kalicanin, Klincarski, Krcmarevic, Marjanovic, Markovic, Pandurovic, Prekazi, Radakovic, Radmanovic, Radovic, Smileski, Spasic, Stevanovic, Tomic, Trifunovic, Zalad, Zavisic, Zivkovic, Varga ,Vermezovic, Vucicevic, as well as guest players R. Djurovic, Lukic, Nikic, Smiljanic, Tanovic.
Team is coached by Voja Markovic and Aca Trifunovic, and official representative of Partizan FC veterans is Mr. Kadenic Goran.

Phone: ++381 11 3227 181 ++381 63 215 251 mobil phone
fax: ++381 11 3229 906
bell pagette: ++381 11 3113131 (massage for 11889)
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Adress: FC Partizan, 11000 Belgrade, Humska 1, Serbia