Match protocol



Linglong Tire Serbian Supe Liga, round 2

Novi Sad, July 25

Venue: Karadjordje Stadium

Kick-off time, 9pm CET

Referee: Novak Simovic

Yellow cards: Bastajic (VOJ) – Lutovac, Urosevic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `5 Natcho, 0-2 `58 Natcho



N Simic, Cucin, Kovacevic, Stevanovic, Devetak, Topic, Busnic (`65 Maksimovic), V Simic (`77 Kabic), Covic, Novevski (`HT Bastajic), Mrkaic (`59 Zukic)


Popovic, Lutovac (`86 Zivkovic), Vujacic, Sanicanin, Urosevic, Zdjelar, Jojic, Jovic (`73 Pavlovic), Natcho (`62 Pantic), Holender (`62 Markovic), Ricardo (`62 Milovanovic)


`5: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Initial shots inside the box from Jovic and Holender blocked, Lutovac sends return pass for Natcho in the follow-up, Israeli international smashes the ball inside the top right corner od the net with his 15m shot

`11: Long Partizan build-up, Zdjelar shots wide

`14: Partizan midfield does a lot work to prevent Vojvodina from organizing attacks

`15: Neat ball forward for Jovic, keeper comes out and claims the ball

`17: Handball appeals from Partizan players after shot from Ricardo inside the box

`36: Opportunity for Mrkaic, Vujacic makes a block, Vojvodina wins corner-kick

`45: One minute added time to be played

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Bastajic in for Novevski

`48: Pressure from Vojvodina after the break, Popovic comes and clears the ball out before Bastajic could get to it

`52: More from Vojvodina, Popovic claims the ball eventually

`58: 0-2, PARTIZAN!! Brilliant break from Jojic on the right, return ball for Natcho followed by neat first-touch strike into the bottom right corner of the net

`58: Bastajic booked

`59: Zukic in for Mrkaic

`62: Markovic, Pantic and Milovanovic in for Holender, Natcho and Ricardo

`65: Maksimovic in for Busnic

`68: Jovic hesitated in the box, his close range shot got blocked eventually

`68 Lutovac booked

`69: Vojvodina counter-attack, long range attempt from Bastajic and comfortable save from Popovic

`71: Jojic`s cross blocked

`72: Urosevic booked

`72: Pavlovic in for Jovic

`77: Partizan corner-kick and header from Vujacic just wide

`77: Kabic in for V Simic

`86: Lutovac limps off, Zivkovic comes in

`90: Three mins added time to be played

`90+3: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-We were focused and competitive-minded. We were really good in certain periods of the game and quite slow at other times. But, we were good enough, controlled the proceedings and I can be pleased with our performance.