Match protocol

Serbian Cup one-legged semi-final

Novi Sad, April 21

Venue: Karadjordje Stadium

Att: None

Kick-off time: 7.05pm CET

Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic

Yellow cards: Covic, Mrkaic, Andric, Bralic (VOJ) – Scekic, Miljkovic (PAR)

GOALS: 0-1 `11 S Markovic



Vuklis, Andric, Bralic, Sanicanin (`86 Maksimovic), Djordjevic, Stojkovic (`86 Topic), Drincic, Bojic (`70 Simic), Gemovic (`HT Vukadinovic), Mrkaic


Stojkovic, Miljkovic, S Markovic, Vujacic, Urosevic (`64 Obradovic), Scekic, Jojic, Natcho (`72 Jovic), L Markovic (`64 Zdjelar), Asano, Holender (`86 Stulic)


`2: L Markovic goes on a solo run after mistake from Bralic, Vojvodina defence clears the danger

`5: Shot from Natcho, poor save from the keeper, Partizan wins corner-kick

`8: Covic booked

`11: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Right flank set-piece from Jojic, heart of the box diving header off the left post and into the net from S Markovic

`13: Shot from Sanicanin wide

`18: Opportunity for Stojkovic, Vojvodina wins corner-kick

`20: Cross from Miljkovic, not the best of shots from Holender

`24: Mistake from Bralic, L Markovic plays it for Holender but Bralic makes amends with sliding tackle for another Partizan corner-kick

`25: From the resulting corner, Vujacic heads it towards far post, Scekic inches late to get a proper touch

`31: Mrkaic booked

`35: Gemovic tries to break on the right, Urosevic does well to prevent him, Partizan wins goal-kick

`37: Andric booked

`38: Scekic booked

`39: Long range attempt from Stojkovic blocked by Scekic

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`46: Vukadinovic in for Gemovic

`47: Dummy move from Jojic followed by 20m shot over the bar

`48: Miljkovic booked

`49: Keeper Stojkovic needs medical treatment

`51: Stojkovic is fit to continue

`55: Partizan counter-attack, Asano lays it out for L Markovic followed by angled shot onto the outside netting

`59: Uncomfortable cross from Drincic, ball goes out for a Partizan goal-kick

`61: Vojvodina corner-kick, header from Covic and great save from Stojkovic

`62: Obradovic in for Urosevic

`62: Zdjelar in for L Markovic

`68: Free-kick from Jojic saved by Vojvodina keeper, Zdjelar and Asano failed to beat home goalie in the follow-up

`69: Simic in for Bojic

`72: Jovic in for Natcho

`73: Jojic passes it for Holender, Partian winger unable to get to the ball

`75: Free-kick from Jojic just over the bar

`84: Stulic in for Holender

`86: Topic and Maksimovic in for Sanicanin and Stojkovic

`90: Four mins added time

`90+4: Final whistle

Partizan boss Aleksandar Stanojevic after the game:

-I`m so pleased we reached cup final, praise to my players..We had tough run in the cup, needed a lot of effort to reach final but I think we deserved it. It was a close shave tonight. We fully controlled the game after the hour of play. It was competitive encounter and not a joy to watch really. However, I`m really pleased with competitive character of my team.