Partizan academy graduate Zlatan Sehovic made his official debut last night and become talk of the town after his firm performance and goal assist.

You made you debut yesterday, are you aware of everything that happened to you?

– It`s a wonderful feeling. I`m over the moon as my dream from the day one was to make a Partizan debut. I`m still not aware of everything, I think I`ll realize today I made a debut for the club I love and it was actually a European game.

Did you feel a bit of a stage fright once you learned you are a part of the starting line-up?

– I surely did. It` s a great responsibility when you see your name on the list of players to start with. I had faith in myself and I consciously left the stage fright behind. I needed to focus and do my best at any given moment. I was overwhelmed when I saw my name in the starting line-up. I need to thank boss Djukic on his trust in me.

How different it is now that you player official Partizan game compared to Summer friendlies?

– Of course it`s different. This is my first official game and it cannot be compared to pre-season friendlies. I enjoyed in every minute spent on the pitch in front of stands packed with our phenomenal fans.

What did your teammates said to you before the kick-off?

– All of them are supportive from the day one, boys and coaching team helped me adapt and I`m grateful to all of them. They told me to play my game, not to get frightened and to relax and enjoy on the pitch as much as possible.

There`s lot of praise for your performance. How do you cope with this sudden attention?

– I`m enjoying it and I`m glad that fans spotted I`m doing my best on the pitch. But, I need to turn to next game and new challenges. I thank everyone on their support.

You assiste tou Soumah`s goal and almost score yourself. Moreover, you seem to have no fear of tackles whatsoever.

– I did full pre-season with the team, every single training session and I feel my fitness is quite ok, it will only get better. As for the tackles, I go into each one hundred percent and I have no fears. Markovic sent a great pass to me and I chested it well but had no luck to score with my weaker right foot. Goalie did well too but I kept going and soon I assisted to Soumah`s goal and I`m over the moon about it.

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